8" Butcher Knife (High Carbon Blade) Wood Handle

8'' Butcher Knife (High Carbon Blade) Wood Handle
8'' Butcher Knife (High Carbon Blade) Wood Handle8'' Butcher Knife (High Carbon Blade) Wood Handle8'' Butcher Knife (High Carbon Blade) Wood Handle

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Model: No. 924AK
Blade length: 201mm
Handle length: 127mm
Overall length: 328mm
Blade width: 34mm
Blade thickness: 2mm
Handle thickness: 16mm
Handle height: 31mm
Weight in package: 195g

Brand:  Kom-Kom Brand

924AK - Kom-Kom butcher knife with an eight inch, high carbon steel blade with a hardwood handle

A butcher’s knife is predominantly used to cut and slice meat and it's distinctive design has been adapted and refined over time so that it is now the perfect tool for the task. It's shape is reminiscent of a scimitar sword as it typically has a wide and curved blade that tapers to a razor-sharp tip.

It is the knife of choice for professional chefs who need an efficient cutting tool for a wide range of food preparation tasks such as slicing, trimming, and cutting through meat and cartilage and stripping meat from bones. A highly versatile kitchen knife this is also the perfect meat cutting tool for home cooks who want to cut and prepare meat dishes.

Kiwi butcher's knives use a stamped blade design and so they are lightweight and easy to clean & sharpen, making them a perfect choice for trimming and slicing meat.  This knife has a 2mm spine and so it is less flexible but more robust than some of the smaller butcher's knives.

Made from high grade Japanese SUS 420J2 high carbon steel which has been hardened and tempered for sharpness, This knife has a razor sharp cutting edge and is finished with a high quality untreated hardwood handle fixed with brass rivets.

Whatever type of meat you like to prepare this butcher knife is the right knife for the job.


Keep the blade away from strong acids or alkalis such as fish sauce or vinegar.
Do not use wire wool to clean as it may damage the blade. Wash with a soft sponge and dry immediately.

Avoid putting wooden handled knives in a dishwasher as the high temperature and extended period in water will shrink and dry the wood and will ultimately ruin the knife.

This knife is made with a Japanese high carbon martensitic stainless steel alloy(SUS420J2) which has the benefit of being harder and therefore sharper than many other stainless steels but the trade-off is that they are more prone to staining.

If your knife has a wooden handle, it is recommended to oil the handle occasionally with a food grade oil. The choice of oil is a personal preference however groundnut and rapeseed oil appear to be popular but avoid olive oil as this can go rancid quite quickly. This will help maintain the wood and keep your knife looking like new. Be very careful while doing this to avoid cutting yourself.

Store knives in a dedicated storage solution such as a wooden box or wall hanger, see our knife storage options .

Keep in a safe location away from children.


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