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What is a Kiwi or Kom Kom?

Kiwi Brand and Kom-Kom branded knives are made by Kiwi & Kom Kom Co. Ltd. in Bangkok, Thailand (  The two separate brand names are used to differentiate between the different qualities of the knives.

Where there is a Kiwi and Kom-Kom version of the same knife style available, the Kiwi version will be the cheaper of the two, as the Kiwi knives do not have the same high level of materials or finish as the Kom-Kom knives.

See image below for an example:

In the image above, the Kiwi Brand "503" 4 inch fruit knife with a wooden handle (top) and the 503-1 Kom-Kom Brand 4 inch fruit knife with a wooden handle (below).

Both the Kiwi and Kom-Kom knives use Japanese SUS420J2 martensitic stainless steel that is tempered and hardened using a method that is unique to Kiwi & Kom Kom Co. Ltd.

See here for more information regarding carbon steel:

The Kom-Kom branded knives tend to have a superior finish and use a higher quality hardwood handles with brass rivets (where applicable).

Many people who buy Kiwi or Kom-Kom knives have already used them and know what to expect, while others may have read some of the glowing reviews, either online or in the major press.

From the Guardian newspaper

'It’s literally the perfect knife': Dan Hong on the three most useful objects in his life

"It feels good to have something so cheap that works so well. It’s nothing against good knives. If you look at sushi chefs, for instance, you just can’t do your job with a Kiwi knife. It’s the same for butchering. But for simple at-home chopping jobs, it’s literally the perfect knife."

Marmite, 7Up, smoked butter … chefs on how to improve your cooking for £5

Kiwi knives
Shaun Hurrell, Barrio Comida, Durham

"I used expensive Japanese knives for years before an Aussie chef put me on to the Thai-brand Kiwi knives. They’re my go-to knives for daily prep – ultra-sharp, super-lightweight and with a very thin blade you can quickly put an edge on. You can pick them up for about £5."


Review of Kiwi Knives on cooltools website
"Kiwis are the most consistently sharp, most durable, and have the most effective shapes. I've bought or suggested them for all of my foodie friends, and people can't get over how wonderful they are."