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What is a Kiwi or Kom Kom?

What is a Kiwi or Kom Kom ? 

Kiwi Brand and Kom Kom knives are made by Kiwi & Kom Kom Co. Ltd. in Bangkok, Thailand (  The two separate brand names are used to differentiate the different qualities of the knives.

The Kiwi knives tend to be cheaper quality, as they are made from a softer, thinner stainless steel than the Kom Kom knives (the steel has less carbon content - see here for more information regarding carbon steel:  Having less carbon means that the Kiwi knives are easier to sharpen but are subsequently not as durable as the Kom Kom Brand.  being thinner means that they are razor sharp.

As the Kom Kom brand knives are more durable and will last longer with more sharpening, they tend to have higher quality hardwood handles.

Most people who buy Kiwi or Kom Kom knives have already used them or have read some of the great reviews.  


Review of Kiwi Knives on cooltools website
"Kiwis are the most consistently sharp, most durable, and have the most effective shapes. I've bought or suggested them for all of my foodie friends, and people can't get over how wonderful they are."