Knife Care

Keep the blade away from strong acids or alkalis such as fish sauce or vinegar.

Do not use wire wool to clean as it may damage the blade. Wash with a soft sponge and dry immediately.

Avoid putting wooden handled knives in a dishwasher as the high temperature and extended period in water will shrink and dry the wood and will ultimately ruin the knife.

Wooden handled Kiwi & Kom Kom knives will benefit from having some food grade oil applied. See our blog post for more information.

This knife is made with Japanese High Carbon Steel (SUS 420J2) which has the benefit of being harder and therefore sharper than other stainless steels but the trade-off is that they are more prone to staining.

If your knife has a wooden handle, it is recommended to oil the handle periodically with a food grade oil. This is a personal preference however groundnut and rapeseed oil appear to be popular. This will help maintain the wood and keep your knife looking like new. Be very careful while doing this to avoid cutting yourself.

Store knives in a dedicated storage solution such as a wooden box or wall hanger, see our knife storage options .

Keep in a safe location away from children.