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Taidea Tech Classic Elegant Brand


This Grinder Brand knife sharpening angle guide that can be attached to a suitably sized knife blade when using a whetstone to assist with the sharpening process.  It will ensure both blade stability and angle consistency while sharpening or honing.  To use the honing guide, simply attach to the spine of your knife and then rest the ceramic strip on the whetstone surface.  Once you are comfortable with the required angle you can try sharpening your place without the guide.

This guide is perfect to use with any of our medium sized blades upwards.  However it is not suitable to be used with the smaller blades.

The Grinder brand from Taidea Tech is their household range.  This honing steel will be perfect for home kitchen environment and will help you keep a keen edge on your blades at all times.

<p>There are many different types of knife sharpening angle guides available, so it is important to choose one that is compatible with your knife.<br />This guide is suitable for knives that require a 15-16 degree angle on the secondary bevel.  </p><p>Place the knife sharpening angle guide on the spine of the blade. </p><p>As you sharpen the knife, the knife sharpening angle guide will help you maintain the correct sharpening angle.</p><p>Test the knife's sharpness. Once you have sharpened the knife, test its sharpness by cutting through a piece of paper. If the knife can cut through the paper easily, then it is sharp.</p><p>Store the knife sharpening angle guide. When you are not using the knife sharpening angle guide, store it in a safe place.</p><p>Here are some tips for using a knife sharpening angle guide:</p><p>Use a light touch when sharpening the knife. Too much pressure can damage the knife's blade.</p><p>Be patient. Sharpening a knife takes time and practice.</p><p>Inspect the knife's blade regularly. If the knife's blade becomes dull, you will need to sharpen it again.</p><p>Use a honing steel to maintain the knife's sharpness. A honing steel will help to keep the knife's blade aligned and prevent it from becoming dull.</p><p>Store the knife in a safe place. When you are not using the knife, store it in a safe place where it will not be damaged.</p>

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