Whetstone 400/1500 Grit
Whetstone 400/1500 Grit

Whetstone 400/1500 Grit

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Model: No. RW015
Length: 185mm
Width: 65mm
Height: 32mm
Weight in package: 750g

Origin: China


This is a great general combination whetstone with 400 Grit corundum on one side for fast sharpening and 1500 fine grit on the other side for fine honing. It has a non stick plastic base.

How to use (Whetstone)

1. Before sharpening your knife, immerse the whetstone in water deep enough to cover the entire stone for around 10 minutes or until the stone stops producing bubbles.

2. Place the stone on a suitable flat work surface. Start by using coarse (low # grit ) to set an angle.

3. Move the blade back & forth over the whetstone at an angle of 10 -30, using gentle downward pressure. Start at the tip and finish at the base of blade.

4. Once an edge is produced, switch to fine side (high # grit )of stone and continue till edge is sufficiently sharp.

5. Always test the edge by slicing on a bias through a sheet of paper to ensure a completely finished edge. If you slice cleanly with no snags from heel to tip, the edge is completely sharp.

6. When finished Rinse stone and blade with water to remove grinding residue.

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