4'' Paring Knife Plastic Handle
4'' Paring Knife Plastic Handle
4'' Paring Knife Plastic Handle

4" Paring Knife Plastic Handle

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Kom-Kom Brand

Model: No. 194KK
Blade length: 104mm
Handle length: 104mm
Overall length: 208mm
Blade width: 21mm
Blade thickness: 1mm
Handle thickness: 7mm
Handle height: 23mm
Weight in package: 40g


194kk - Kom-Kom four inch paring knife with a yellow plastic handle.

This knife has a double bevelled razor sharp cutting edge and is perfect for cutting and slicing small to medium sized fruit and vegetables but can also be used along with other carving knives for fruit carving larger fruit like watermelon and pumpkin.

Some of the typical uses for a paring knife would be:


  • Peeling
  • Slicing
  • Coring
  • Removing seeds and membranes
  • Mincing herbs
  • Eyeing potatoes
  • Skinning mushrooms
  • Crushing garlic


  • Peeling
  • Slicing
  • Coring
  • Segmenting citrus fruit
  • Hulling strawberries
  • scraping out seeds from vanilla pods

Meat and fish:

  • De-veining prawns
  • Shucking oysters
  • Filleting small fish
  • Scoring meat
  • Trimming fat from meat
  • Carving small carcasses such as poultry
  • Testing tenderness of meat

Other uses:

  • Slicing cheese
  • Slicing cured meats like salami etc.


The blade is made from Japanese high carbon martensitic stainless steel (SUS420J2) which has been hardened and tempered for optimal sharpness.   The handle is made from a durable and hygienic, yellow polypropylene plastic.


This knife style is also available as a Kiwi Brand knife 194 with a black plastic handle.

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