5'' Wave Knife Plastic Handle
5'' Wave Knife Plastic Handle
5'' Wave Knife Plastic Handle
5'' Wave Knife Plastic Handle

5" Wave Knife Plastic Handle

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Kiwi Brand

Model: No. 401
Blade length: 132mm
Handle length: 104mm
Overall length: 236mm
Blade width: 37mm
Blade thickness: 1mm
Handle thickness: 17mm
Handle height: 30mm
Weight in package: 63g


401 - The Kiwi Brand "Wave Knife" is a five inch wave bladed knife with a plastic handle.

With a uniquely wave shaped blade , the Kiwi 401 wave knife can be used for creating beautiful zig-zag and swirl shaped patterns in vegetables, fruit and desserts. Click on the video link to see how it can be used with the wave peeler to create interesting displays.

Out of the three Kiwi & Kom-Kom wave knives, the Kiwi 401 is in the middle as the blade is slightly wider than on the 019 Kom-Kom Decoration knife but smaller and narrower than the blade on the Kom-Kom 011 wave knife.

The blade is made from Japanese high carbon martensitic stainless steel (SUS420J2) which has been hardened and tempered for optimal sharpness.  As well as the wave shape, the blade has a razor sharp scalloped cutting edge.  The handle is made from a durable and hygienic, black polypropylene plastic.

We find that this knife is perfect for making crinkle cut chips and also great shaped carrot sticks, Jamie Oliver slices apples to put in to burgers with his. What will you do with yours?

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