7'' Cleaver Knife Plastic Handle
7'' Cleaver Knife Plastic Handle
7'' Cleaver Knife Plastic Handle

7" Cleaver Knife Plastic Handle

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Kiwi Brand

Model: No. 840p
Blade length: 65mm
Handle length: 129mm
Overall length: 290mm
Blade width: 85mm
Blade thickness: 2mm
Handle thickness: 24mm
Handle height: 43mm
Weight in package: 302g


840P - Kiwi Brand seven inch cleaver knife with a plastic handle.

Cleaver knives, often referred to as a "Chinese Cleaver" or a "Chopper", are a large rectangular bladed knife with a fairly thin but razor sharp blade and are perfectly suited for slicing, dicing and mincing fruit, vegetables, and boneless meat.  While they appear to be similar to a meat cleaver, a meat cleaver always has very thick blade and is used in butchery to cut through bones and joints.

A cleaver knife can be used with boneless meat and they are also perfect for preparing vegetables, and herbs.  The flat blade is great for crushing garlic.  The wide bladed design also makes them a convenient tool to use when transferring ingredients from the cutting board to the wok or other cooking pot.

The blade is made from Japanese high carbon martensitic stainless steel (SUS420J2) which has been hardened and tempered for optimal sharpness.   The handle is made from a durable and hygienic, black polypropylene plastic.

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