8'' Carving Knife Hardwood Handle
8'' Carving Knife Hardwood Handle
8'' Carving Knife Hardwood Handle

8" Carving Knife Hardwood Handle

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Kom-Kom Brand

Model: No. 923
Blade length: 207mm
Handle length: 128mm
Overall length: 335mm
Blade width: 23mm
Blade thickness: 1.5mm
Handle thickness: 17mm
Handle height: 28mm
Weight in package: 142g


923 - Kom-Kom carving knife with an eight inch, high carbon stainless steel blade with a hardwood handle.

This 8" carving knife is reminiscent of a scimitar sword in that the blade curves upwards from the handle and tapers to a razor-sharp tip.

Scimitar (sometimes spelled cimeter) style of knives are a type of butcher knife that are generally used for prepping and cutting meat. Their long and curved blades are ideal for trimming fat off ribs or for cutting steaks. They are also perfect for cutting cooked meat that is either hot like the Sunday roast or cold like cooked hams.

Breaking knives, which are another very similar style of butcher knife, are used differently in that generally used for cutting large sections of meat into smaller cuts but like the cimiter they are ideal for trimming fat from bones and cuts of meat.

Both of these butcher knives feature curved blades, which gives the user additional leverage when cutting through tough skin, cartilage, and small bones.

923 vs 923ak

The double bevelled grind on this knife gives the blade a razor sharp edge that is perfect for tasks like cutting steaks or for carving the Sunday roast.

The very similar Kom-Kom 923AK has the same blade profile but it does not have the double bevelled grind and instead has a flat grind that tapers from the spine to the cutting edge and so has a thicker and more robust blade this is more like a breaking knife than a cimiter.

The blade is made from Japanese high carbon martensitic stainless steel (SUS420J2) which has been hardened and tempered for optimal sharpness. This knife has a razor sharp cutting edge and it has a high quality hardwood handle which is secured with brass rivets.

As the handle wood is untreated, it will benefit from the occasional application of a food grade oil to maintain the health of the wood, avoiding shrinkage and keeping the handle looking like new.  See the "knife care" tab for more details.


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